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President’s Report for Annual General Meeting 24 March 2012

Good afternoon and a warm welcome to all members here present at this year’s 47th Annual General Meeting. It gives me great pleasure to deliver this year’s annual general meeting President’s report. In fact there are quite a number of important events for the club to report and I will keep it brief. Firstly, I will touch on the subject of Administration. Our club has hired a Club Administrator in the person of Steve Law who has taken the role of a multi tasker at the club, carrying out management, accounting and web and database management. He has also helped to reorganise the filing system with the help of our part time staff, Ms Susey Mongool whom we have sponsored in the past in her studies. As promised in last year’s AGM speech, our membership is now all in the computer database coupled with a more effective subscription monitoring system. It has assisted the club to detect and rectify scores of defaulters and brought subscriptions up to date. General Committee members can now access the current accounts at any time through the internet via password entry. Our club’s website is finally running with a difference. We no longer hire webmasters