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Papar Cycling Trip 17_18 June 2022

Parking violations create hazards in cycling lanes – Daily Express Hotline

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Bicycle crash incident (shared experience)

Most cars going into a roundabout will concentrate on the right and will be looking for cars before entering. They will not look left and you might be there to the left in front of them. Good drivers are like pilots..look right look left and then right again before the next manoeuvre.     Oops is where I got hit. White car is going on to Imago. The car that hit me turned left to Karamunsing across the blue cycling lane after entering the roundabout and hit me from the rear starboard quarter. Situational awareness was important and as I saw the car coming at me, I jumped from my bicycle leaving the car to hit my bicycle. My bicycle was under the front bumper and I was at the side of the car. Only damage was a dislodged chain. No other damage or injury. However from now on, we will need an SOP for entering roundabouts. Perhaps walk the bike across. This is defensive cycling because motorists are not always mindful of cyclists. This is the first NOTAC (Notice to Airmen Cyclists).

General Cycling Info for Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

In the city, cycle on the blue cycling lane as much as possible to be on the right side of the law. Of course there are inconsiderate motorists who park on the blue cycling lane.     1.    Cycling tracks are shared with joggers. They may be jogging on the cycling side. Its okay to share the track with them but ring your bike bell (mandatory equipment by law).   2.    Be careful of fallen coconut fronds.   3.    Be careful at road crossings. Cars have the right of way. The bollards are there for a reason.   4.  Be careful especially along the Imago stretch. There are low overhanging trees . The branches can whip your head. If in a group, signal cyclists behind you by gesturing over your helmet.   5.  Some parts of the tracks have tree root outcrops. This is hazardous at night and can throw you off balance resulting in a fall. This is adjacent to SOCSO building. Gesture to cyclists behind you by pointing downwards.