Press Release

Joyrides for Kudat school children 16-18 September 2011

Press release By The President: Leonard Chin Sabah Flying Club is actively promoting aviation among young people and across the State this year. In March of this year, the Club carried out joy rides in Tawau for 70 young students and teachers with the aim to instil an appreciation for aviation from an early age. From the 16-18 September 2011, and in conjunction with Malaysia Day and the 100th year of Malaysian Aviation, Sabah Flying Club is again carrying out joy rides for students and teachers in Kudat. The concept of giving joy rides to young people is simple and that is to plant the seeds in the hope that one day these children will grow up to become pilots, aircraft engineers, flight controllers, cabin crew, aircraft logistics, avionic engineers and such like. For many years, since 1963, Sabah Flying Club acted as a club for Sabah residents to learn flying at a basic level leading to a Private Pilot License and was the only institution available to do so in Sabah. As more commercial schools started forming to provide similar training, Sabah Flying Club decided to take an additional role of encouraging Sabahans and Residents in Sabah to take